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Since the 1980’s the Alchemedia Team has been at the pivotal center of media, sports entertainment, and telecom evolution.

From major television network infrastructure projects to the Olympics and The World Cup, our client experience represents the nexus of connectivity applications across a wide variety of business and use cases.

From broadcast automation, studio control, security compute arrays, to satellite connectivity and the migration to digital media from the world of analog operations, our client experience is diverse and growing.

Client History

Crown Castle, Inc
Host Broadcaster- World Cup
Atlanta Olympic Host Committee
United States Defense Department/Homeland Security
College Television Network (MTVU)
New Vision Television
Ignite Sports Media
Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Government TV
Vivyx (now Lumen)
Central European Media Enterprises
Cuba International Television
NBA China Distribution
Korean Broadcast Consortium
Cox Cable
Loral Space Systems
Canyon Capital Partners
Georgia Public Broadcasting